Summer Essentials For Families


Must-Have Summer Essentials for Families

With summer comes warmer weather, different activities, barbecues, cookouts, and a whole lot of fun! Getting prepared ahead of time can help you maximize your summer fun time. Here are the summer essentials for families you need to know for your family.


Comfortable clothing

Comfy clothes and breathable fabrics can make a big difference during summer. Of course, getting fashionable summer outfits is a bonus. Some brands out there provide clothes designed to wick moisture away from you.


Get a quality beach towel that you can lie on while sunbathing and if you have kids? Get a BIG beach towel instead. Having a large beach towel that you and your family can grab and head out the door with is a great thing.

Bug spray

Bug spray, bug bands, bug bombs, bug candles for your yard are something you and your family like. As they say, it’s better safe than feeling sorry in the end.

Picnic Blanket

Keep a nice picnic blanket on hand even if you don’t go for a picnic at all. You can still use it if you’re having a BBQ or cookout outside or pull off the road to watch some fireworks, which allows you to sit on the ground. You can also use it at the pool club for the kids to sit and play games on, so their towels won’t get too filthy all day long.

First aid kit

This one is probably easy because we all have our first aid kit on hand. However, be sure that it’s updated and has some kind of tweezers for splinter removal, itch relief, a few ice packs, and compression bandages.


Books, Activities, and Games

Summer won’t be complete without outdoor family games, which is why it is essential to include books, activities, and games in your bucket list. This will add more fun for the entire family and a great way to enjoy each other’s company. Plus, they are a perfect way to unplug and get a little exercise too! You can have a croquet or badminton, for instance.



Summer + sun = you need extra protection from the sun. And one of the few ways to protect you is by wearing a hat. Opt for something that’s comfortable enough for you and your family. Opt for something that suits your style and something that your family likes.


Beach tote

Even if it’s not a good time to go to the beach this year, you will still get a lot of miles with a fab beach tote. You can stock these few simple items in your beach tote, and you’ll be ready to grab and go on your next sunny day.


Water bottles

With summer and warm weather comes even more need for hydration. Grab a summer-inspired fun water bottle that you like. Well, for the kids, get them a water bottle with their favorite character, colors, or teams.


And of course, don’t forget to sunscreen, one of the best summer accessories you can get for your family. Apply some sunscreen before the kids get dressed, and reapply when outdoors.


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